L'histoire selon dingo

Aujourd'hui: Barnum

Super Picsou Géant no. 28 (Fev 1989), p128-163

"I was born on July 10th, 1810. From the beginning it was obvious that I have a bright carreer as a showman."

In preview:
The greatest birth
on Earth!
"As a child I developed the flaming aspects of my personality..."

Mom, Dad! I am about to try to get off my clothes while balancing on the edge of the bath! Your son may have a bath as any other kid!
"I organized shows for my buddies..."
The greadest show
in the naighbourhoot
            Come in! Come in! The great Dingo-show is about to start!

You're a tough audience, however, ... ... I, Dingo T. Barnum, will show you
the tallest kid on Earth!

Ooh! He is as tall as daddy! Wow!

That's all for today! See you tomorrow for a new show!
What a giraffe!

I've seen this face before!

Oh, really?
Thank you, Dad! And tomorrow you'll be the oldest kid on Earth, okay?

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